Justin Bieber has shared an alternate single cover for 'PYD,' his new #MusicMondays track featuring the resurgent R. Kelly. It's much different than the stark white background and purple lettering of the original, which is the style and aesthetic of the graphics for all the #MM tracks. This one stands out for two very important reasons.

In the image, Da Biebs is shirtless and flashes some butt crack. Take a sedative before you peep this, Beliebers! It's that hawt.

The Biebs is certainly quite a gym rat. Look at how sculpted his increasingly tattooed body is. He's 19, so we don't feel like pervs gawking at what fine shape he is in.

Check out the image below. Who's fainting? Who's squealing? Who lost their voices from shrieking so loud that it wakes the dead? Who has shared this with fellow Beliebers?

Go ahead, girls. Go nuts. Be "crack addicts" and look at The Biebs' bum. Lose your minds over this sexy shot of The Biebs. Like whoa!