‘Backpack.’ That’s the name of the collaboration between Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne. The song isn’t on ‘Believe’ but it could be coming down the pike on the re-released version. The Biebs and Weezy? OMG, can you even handle the thought of it, much less the execution?

In a chat with FUSE, The Biebs revealed, “I got to work with Lil Wayne.” The teen seemed incredibly apprehensive about revealing more details or the title of the song, and looked like he was going to eat the microphone! He said, “It’s called ‘Backpack’ and you guys need to listen to it and it’ll probably be coming out on the repackage. It’s dope.”

So when his label repackages ‘Believe,’ it could include new artwork, more tracks, bonus content and a collabo with Weezy! Yeah, Biebs, that is unbelievably dope.

The Biebs also shared that if Michael Jackson were still alive, he’s the artist with whom The Biebs would love to collaborate.

That’s no joke. The Biebs obviously took lots of inspiration from the late King of Pop with ‘Believe,’ from his style (wearing gloves while performing) to his actual performances (the crotch grabs! The leg moves!) to his singing (that falsetto!) to his subject matter (‘Maria’ is his ‘Billie Jean’).

Watch Justin Bieber Talk Lil Wayne Collabo