Juicy J reveals his all-star tracklist and the cover for his upcoming album, 'Stay Trippy.'

On the cover, Juicy appears covered in red and green paint, all while dressed in a black tux and holding a bottle of bubbly. A naked woman appears at his feet, holding tightly onto his legs.

The 16-track offering features several collaborations from Justin Timberlake on 'The Woods' to A$AP Rocky on 'Scholarship' and the late Pimp C on 'Smokin' Rollin.'

The deluxe edition offers three more tracks with Wiz Khalifa, Trina and The Weeknd making appearances.

Earlier this year, Juicy spoke to Billboard about recording as a solo artist. "I feel like it's brand-new for me," he said regardinghis new album. "I'm calling all my own shots. My singles, anything I drop, it's all me. It's my decision."

'Stay Trippy' arrives Aug. 27.

'Stay Trippy' Tracklist

1. 'Stop It'
2. 'Smokin’ Rollin’' feat. Pimp C
3. 'No Heart No Love' feat. Project Pat
4. 'So Much Money'
5. 'Bounce It' feat. Trey Songz & Wale
6. 'Wax'
7. 'Gun Plus a Mask' feat. Yelawolf
8. 'Smoke a N---' feat. Wiz Khalifa
9. 'Show Out' feat. Big Sean & Young Jeezy
10. 'The Woods' feat. Justin Timberlake
11. 'Money A Do It'
12. 'Talkin’ About' feat. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa
13. 'All I Blow Is Loud'
14. 'Bandz a Make Her Dance' feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz
15. 'Scholarship' feat. A$AP Rocky
16. 'If I Ain’t'

Best Buy Deluxe Edition

17. 'One Thousand' feat. Wiz Khalifa
18. 'Having Sex' feat. Trina & 2 Chainz
19. 'One of Those Nights' feat. The Weeknd