I am actually starting to feel bad for dude. Chris Brown's probation has been revoked a judge who feels his concerts may promote a violent atmosphere.

Chris Brown appeared in court Thursday, January 15th where the judge decided to revoke Chris Brown's probation based on the shooting that happened at his concert last Sunday at a club in San Jose while he was on stage performing.

The judge reminded Breezy of a similar incident last summer during the VMA weekend where multiple people were shot, including Suge Knight.

Although Chris Brown was not directly involved or responsible for these cray people turnin way the heck too up at his events, the judge & probation officer were concerned of this pattern of violence. They also felt he should be more focused on his rehab & community service.

Are you kiddin me here!? WTF?! Really?! So the artist is to being blamed for lack of security who are supposed to wand patrons for weapons upon entry & for crazy lunatics in the world! Well, while we are at it, why don't they just blame Breezy for world hunger too!

I honestly believe they are trying to make an example out of Chris. He has a bad reputation & history but he is tryin to clean up his act so let's give him the opportunity to do so. He is an artist so naturally part of his job is appearances & concerts. He should not be blamed for what happens in the crowd while he is dancing & singing on stage.

There is to be a formal hearing on March 20th to see if this is a "willful' vioaltion.  I sure hope Chris Brown has a good attorney who is able to defend his civil rights.

His "Between the Sheets" Tour with Trey Songz is to kick off late this month.