Jonah Hill made his debut appearance on the show talking about his new movie Mid90s, his love of 90s hip-hop, his early rap/producer name, representing the era unapologetically, the role of therapy in his life and more.

-Breakfast Club is his favorite show

-Grew up listening to Mobb Deep and Tribe Called Quest

-The reason he made the film, Mid 90s and how Hip Hop plays a role

-How he got into hip hop and credits his older brother

-Skateboarding burst him out of his bubble

-How skateboarding relates to hip hop

-His Rap name, SPINDROME

-How Jonah got into acting

-The film is a reflection of himself and his love for hip hop and skateboarding

-Used to lack confidence because of the criticism of his weight

-Took him 3 years to write the film

-Not a moralist and wants people to see how it was in the 90s

-What he's listening to now

-Top 5 dead or alive

-Wants to check his white straight guy privilege to help people

-Something brewing with Adidas coming soon

-People didn't take him seriously as an actor

-His crush on Angela Yee

-He's heavy into therapy and how it saved his life

-His sister watched his film with Frank Ocean and Qtip

Watch the full interview below:

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