Director John Singleton thinks people are overreacting about R. Kelly's recent allegations. It was reported last week that the R&B superstar is running an abusive “cult” of young women in his Atlanta and Chicago properties. The news turned the internet upside down but Singleton thinks R. Kelly did nothing wrong. While in New York City, TMZ caught John Singleton while walking and asked for his thoughts on the recent allegations.

"No, he's not misunderstood," Singleton explained when asked if he thinks R. Kelly is misjudged "He has a bunch of girlfriends, a lot of people have a bunch of girlfriends."

He continues, "The women that he's with are adult women and they made decisions to be with him and what they are getting into. I don't see what the controversy is." When asked whether R. Kelly deserves to be outcasted like Bill Cosby, Singleton didn't think so.

Following the recent claims against R. Kelly, Joycelyn Savage, whose parents participated in the accusations against Kelly, says she's perfectly fine with being with the singer and assured people she hasn't been brainwashed.

A petition was created calling for Sony Records to drop the songwriter from their label. Watch John Singleton's explanation below.

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