Joey Bada$$took the rap world by storm with the release of his '1999' mixtape due to his retro style and Golden Era sensibilities. The Pro Era MC has continued to build momentum over the past two years and is now preparing to release his debut album, 'B4DA$$'.

As fans wait on the album to drop later this year, the Brooklyn rhyme-spitter offers up the first official single from the set called 'Big Dusty,' produced by longtime collaborator Kirk Knight.

Like much of Joey's work, the track sounds like it would fit right in with a mid-90s hip-hop release out of New York. And while the hook is nothing to write home about, each verse provides an opportunity for him to truly impress.

Joey raps, "F--- jumping the broom, honey moons, I ain't hit the pot / Soak me up like a mop, know I'm up, know there's levels / Staring down at the devil, hello, guess I got the memo / Pulling strings like Geppetto, you just a puppet, fellow."

The 19-year-old rapper continues his witty wordplay, rapping, "I came up out of the tomb, don’t drop a L / Uh, you don't want to see the evils which I dwell in hell / To excel, this s--- never fails, always excels / They been swallowing since before the XXL / Sick cell, ex ask why it never work out / I guess I exercise too much when I work out / Shows too turnt out, return home burnt out / Now I got to hear all the shit that you heard bout."

While no release date has been confirmed, Joey Bada$$' 'B4DA$$' is expected to drop this fall.

Listen to Joey Bada$$' Song 'Big Dusty'