There's beef in the Slaughterhouse. Eminem's former rap supergroup, consisting of Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce 5'9" and Kxng Crooked, are currently at odds after Joell and Crooked announced a new album titled The Rise and Fall of Slaughterhouse sans the other two members. Things recently got heated during an Instagram Live meeting where Joe and Joell exchanged some harsh words.

On Friday (March 4), Joe, Joell and Royce hopped on IG to talk about the project Joell and Crooked announced last week, as well as the single they released called "Backstage," which addresses the group's time together. Things went left.

"Y'all not serious, dawg," Joell says at one point. "Y'all out here running around with some wild-ass narrative, lying about me and [Crooked] like we went and took a bag. Y'all got people out here saying we doing things for a bag. I never done nothing for a bag. Y'all know me better than that. If anybody spinning the narrative, it's y'all two gentlemen. Especially you, Royce. You out here talking about the 25 percent. You had 25 percent and you burned it down. You doing all types of mathematical equations about housing ownership and shit. The bottom line is this: Crooked brought a bag to the table for something y'all ain't been fucking with for a long time."

Royce disagreed and Joe stormed off. Joe returned, but things only got more tense between him and Joell when Joell asked Budden to support the new album.

"Suck my dick. Are you kidding me?" Joe snapped.

"Nigga, suck my dick, don't go there," Joell shot back. "Don't do that...That little comment right there. You gonna wish you retracted that one."

Kxng Crooked, who was not present on the IG Live session gave his opinion via Twitter. "They mad at me for burning the logo but not mad that someone else (not in the group) has owned the logo since 2010," he typed. "We talkin ownership or ego? But ima chill."

Joell and Kxng Crooked initially announced the album on Feb. 25. The cover art features the Slaughterhouse logo burning. The same day, Royce voiced his displeasure with the project on Instagram comparing the move to getting burnt on a partnership deal for property.

"You have 25% ownership/equity in a building," Royce wrote. "Let’s say an apartment building. You built this building with your 3 partners, brick by brick. It’s worth millions. Suddenly, the value drops because it needs renovations etc. You and your partners have been talking about when and how this work is gonna get done. Y’all just need to agree on plan of attack."

"Meanwhile: You and just one of the other partners receive an offer 2 build another building together but with just the 2 of you," he added. "Minus your other 2 partners. Yes. There’s a check involved. BUT. Just One Catch: You have to burn down the building you already have without informing your other 2 partners in order to do so. Would you do it??? Didn’t think so. Me either."

Slaughterhouse formed in 2008 and released their debut self-titled album the following year and the Slaughterhouse EP in 2011. They were signed to Eminem's Shady Records and released the LP Welcome to Our House in 2012 and two more mixtapes. The group was rumored to have completed a third album titled Glass Ceiling that never saw the light of day. In 2018, the foursome disbanded. During an interview in 2019, Joe said he told the group to replace him.

Joell Ortiz and Kxng Crooked's Rise & Fall of Slaughterhouse album arrives March 11.

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