It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the Diplomats’ camp. Their reunion album has been in talks for a while but nothing new has manifested. So what gives? Are the Harlem rappers on bad terms? Not according to Jim Jones.

The “We Fly High” rapper still holds Dipset leader, Cam’ron, in high regard. He named Cam as the best rapper on his top five list. Right behind Cam was his fellow road-dog, Juelz Santana. Who else made the cut?

5. Fabolous

4. Lil Wayne

3. Rick Ross

2. Juelz Santana

1. Cam’ron

I can forgive him for not dropping Kanye’s name. But no Jay? Jim made a pretty bold statement, saying he believes Juelz (EY!) is just as talented as Hov.

“I always told Juelz he could be greater than Jay-Z ever was. That boy is super talented. Listen to everything he’s done and what his music says.”

He also detailed why Cam tops his list, saying:

“I think Cam is the best rapper period. I’ve known Cam and I’ve grown up with him. I’ve seen, lived and witnessed all the things that his music is about so you can’t beat that at all. That’s actual and factual.”

What do you think of Jim’s list? I admit it’s a little homer-ish, but I can’t hate on the respect he shows towards the dudes he came up with.