Janelle Monae and her funky Wondaland crew treated fans to a series of free concerts for the Eephus Tour this summer. Sponsored by Toyota, the group headed across the U.S. for seven shows, treating fans to a blend of R&B, hip-hop and soul.

Monae was just one of the bold performers on the tour. Roman GianArthur took the stage rocking bright red pants and an American flag over his bare chest to perform "Like an Egg, a King." Also a student of James Brown, the soul singer's musical style is reminiscent of "Don't You Know No Good" by Martin's Elroy Presley. His performance proved to be one of the best as he slid around stage and dropped down to the floor.

But the moment everyone most definitely looked forward to was Jidenna's performance of his most popular song, "Classic Man." With a pop of color this time, the Wisconsin native wore a blue vest and yellow tie over his white outfit. The singer also brought his signature walking stick on stage which he threw to a backup dancer halfway through the show to do a call and response bit with Roman.

For those pining for some funk, soul and R&B classics, the EEPHUS EP consists of all of the songs besides Roman's "Like an Egg, a King."

Check out Wondaland at work.

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