There hasn't been much news about Jhene AIko's upcoming debut album, but it isn't because the singer hasn't been putting in work. She popped up once again on 'Conan.'

Aiko performed 'The Worst,' a cut off her 'Sail Out' EP. Although the recorded version is fantastic as is, the 'Conan' rendition is given extra tenderness thanks in part to that backing band.

The performance should be pleasing to everyone except maybe Conan O'Brien's wife. Aiko asked the host after the performance if he would be her Valentine, to which he said, “The wife gets mad.”

The Def Jam signee is actually a fan of the host. She posted a picture on Instagram of herself posing with the O'Brien. "I . Can . Die . Now . Thank you !," she wrote as the caption. Well not just yet, Aiko. The fans still need that new project, after all.