After debuting her song 'Tough Love' last month, Jessie Ware drops the accompanying visuals, which show just how difficult a relationship can be at times.

The video opens up with Ware standing in a field of tall grass, then various, seemingly random images appear, including a rose, a man leaning on an illuminated window and a shot of a bar. There doesn't seem to be anything tying the images together, but yet and still, they all give the footage a surreal look and feel, which works perfectly with Ware's lyrics and delivery.

Overall, the song is about facing the difficult side of love, not the floating-on-cloud nine-blissful state that people feel when they first find the perfect mate. "When your heart becomes a million different pieces, that's when you won't be able to recognize this feeling / That's called tough love," sings Ware.

The video also shows different people looking contemplative and sad, most likely due to a relationship gone wrong. The cut itself was produced by BenZel (comprised of Two Inch Punch and Benny Blanco), and will be on Ware's forthcoming album. A release date for the effort hasn't been announced yet.