There's one thing Jesse Boykins III is thrilled about besides his new album, 'Love Apparatus': releasing his documentary.

For the past three years, the 29-year-old soulful singer has traveled around the world interviewing women from the age of 17 to 65. Boykins has asked more than 300 females in countries like Japan, South Africa, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Poland and Austria the same set of nine questions, which were inspired by the material on his third studio album. The topics range from "What do you love about being a woman?" to "Do you like smiling?" to "Long term lust or short term love?"

The Chicago-born, Jamaican-raised artist's love for film was one of the driving forces to create the doc, which bares the same title as his new LP and will be released as a series in the coming months. Plus, Boykins was curious to find balance between the sexes. "I had a concept and the album motivated me more to go after it and do it," the '4 U 2 B Free' crooner tells The Boombox. "Especially since the whole album is about balance and I wanted to understand that more -- the balance between a man and a woman."

While the ladies he spoke with around the globe gave him invaluable lessons, he also learned much about himself in the process. "I learned how to listen, to internalize," he shares. "I learned the concept of recollection. I learned the concept of appreciation. I learned the concept of patience. I learned the concept of emotional hard work and that means being open and honest as much as I possibly can. I learned balance between having an ego when necessary and telling my ego to lay down face-first on the floor and shut up. The concept of being a man in society and being a true artist and expressing my vulnerabilities and being open."

After listening to 'Love Apparatus,' Jesse Boykins III's candor when it comes to his feelings is apparent. Watch as the avid thrift shopper opens up about the 'Love Apparatus' documentary, his musical inspirations on the come-up, the personal touches in his songwriting and future plans.