Jennifer Hudson has dropped a new tune (her first in two years) called 'Gone, Gone, Gone,' and it's a sexy, throwback R&B song that makes the most of J. Hud's powerhouse voice. The track once again has us questioning how she was ever eliminated from 'American Idol,' which she is rumored to be returning to as a judge.

'Gone, Gone, Gone' has a decidedly '90s, adult contempo R&B sheen, with slightly layered harmonies throughout the hook. It also has an epic, larger-than-life coda, sorta like the singer herself. The track comes from a place of emotion and pain, making it easier to relate to for new listeners and diehard fans.

There's also plenty of sass and diva-ness, since Hudon's lyrical narrator has been wronged. J. Hud ain't having none of dat, when she belts about a wayward and unfaithful lover: "I shouldn't have to wonder every minute where you're going / I shouldn't have to wonder why last night / You didn't come home / Got me thinking / All I really have is just myself / Truth is / I can do better by myself."

You tell 'em girl!