If you don't have to go outside today , DON'T!! It is ferociously cold out there and lots of us have the Cap Region blues!! I got a video clip just for you, to cure those blues! Jigga made a young man's dream come true the other night, watch it happen...

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Jay Z stopped in North Carolina as part of his Magna Carta Tour the other night and surprised show goers when he brought a young fan onto the stage and passed him the microphone!

This 12 year old boy was holding up a sign that said " Can I rap for you?" that caught Jay Z's eye and the rest is history. Everyone is buzzing about this, it is a must see! It will make you happy and warm and fuzzy inside on this cold ass, ugly, winter day!!

Enjoy!! Not to mention, this lil guy got some rap skillz as he spit Jay Z's verse from "Clique."