The plans for Kanye West's and Kim Kardashian's wedding has been major talk since the couple announced their engagement back in October 2013. Millions of people are curious to know whether they'll get married in Paris, California or outer space (that's not far off for these two). There's even been rumors that the two are already married.

The latest news about their impending nuptials surrounds who will be there, and according to RadarOnline, Jay Z and Beyonce will be in attendance, which shouldn't be too much of a surprise. The bigger news: Hov will be Kanye's best man.

The 'Flashing Lights' rapper received a gift from his "big brother" and it was addressed from the "best man."

"The best news came when Jay sent a gift to Kanye with an inscription referring to Jay Z as the rapper's best man," a source revealed. "The gift was a gold-plated, diamond-encrusted flask, delivered with a $10,000 bottle of scotch for Kanye to have for his wedding day."

There were previous reports that Jay Z and Beyonce weren't going to attend the ceremony at all to avoid all of the hoopla and fanfare since Kardashian is a reality TV star and would likely film the event. However, it seemed they apparently changed their minds. Good news for West.

"Kanye was almost jumping up and down, he was so excited," said the insider. "He was running around Kris' house to find Kim saying, 'Baby, look, Jay and B are coming.' Kanye has been begging Jay to reconsider his decision not to come to the wedding, an even more devastating decision that left Kanye groomsman-less when he declined being his best man during the televised nuptials."

Solange will likely have to steer clear of the wedding considering her recent altercation with Jay Z.