Jay Pharoah has recently been drawing up extra laughs with his series of hip-hop and R&B parodies. Remember 'Problems'? And now the'Saturday Night Live' star is bringing another point of view to Usher's hit 'Good Kisser.'

The comedian flips the script on the track by writing 'Bad Kisser,' a song entailing just about everything that is wrong with a girl's lip-locking abilities -- her mouth action to her bad breath is all wrong. "You make me wanna commit suicide / You make me wanna tap out every time / Her mouthpiece leaves me traumatized," Jay sings.

Directed by Jared Lapidus, the video follows the same vein as Usher's clip almost to a tea. From the backdrop to the shirtless drumming, Jay channels his inner U-S-H-E-R and makes a hilarious visual while trying to keep it sensual.

Who doesn't want to make out with someone who bites a lot and eats onions and tuna?