Janice Dickinson is going into greater detail about allegations that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her, claiming that he raped her after giving her a pill and a glass of red wine one night in 1982.

Speaking to CNN, the supermodel and former 'America's Next Top Model' judge detailed the night of the alleged rape, getting both emotional and angry as she recounted the disturbing ordeal.

According to Dickinson, Cosby gave her a pill that he said would ease her menstrual cramps. She then took several photos of the comedian on her Polaroid camera before blacking out.

"The last thing I remember is blacking out … and Cosby mounting me like the monster that he was. I remember thinking, what the … heck," she painfully recalled. "I remember more specifically waking up and that he -- there was a lot of pain downstairs. There was semen all over me, and that my pajama bottoms were off and the top was open. At that point, fight or flight, I packed up and got the hell out of there."

When asked what wants from the comedian now, Dickinson was overwhelmingly clear in her vehement response.

"I would like Cosby to come out and at least acknowledge that he is a pig," she said forcefully. "He is a monster. And he has raped me."

After the conclusion of the interview, as the cameras still rolled, the supermodel broke down crying.

"I don't know how to process these emotions," she said through tears.

Dickinson is just one of many women who have come forward to accuse Cosby of sexual assault. According to Us Weekly, close to twenty women have accused the comedian of sexual abuse.

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