Janelle Monae's stock continues to rise with each show-stealing performance and new music she creates. The multi-talented artist's record label and collective, Wondaland, just partnered up with Epic Records and she gets the ball rolling with her new song, "Yoga."

Monae impresses with her crisp vocals and energy and owns the track from the start. By the time you get to the song's infectious bridge, "I wanna last, wanna last forever / I wanna dance, dance, dance, all night" and the chorus encouraging the ladies to "bend over / Let your booty do that yoga," you're hooked, line and sinker.

The drum-heavy production is accentuated with claps and oodles of bass to spare and is equally perfect for the club or a beach party. The record features Wondaland artist Jidenna, a rapper out of New York's East Flatbush, Brooklyn area. He's an integral part in the ever-growing Swank sub-genre, which is an uptempo and funky take on hip-hop that is guaranteed to make you sweat out your new hairdo while cutting a rug.

"I said yoga, she dish that yoga / Looking for my loafers, then I woke up in a Toga," Jidenna rhymes, enhancing the song.

After signing a distribution deal with Epic Records, the Wondaland team has been hard at work, debuting their premier release last month: Jidenna's single, "Classic Man," featuring label mate Roman GianArthur.

“The collective talent of the Wondaland artists is awe-inspiring,” says L.A. Ried, chairman of Epic Records. "I haven’t personally witnessed a collective that sounds and looks this special in quite a while. I’ve been a longtime supporter and friend of Janelle and it is an honor to now work with her as a visionary businesswoman who brings an all-star group of talented performers to the table.”

“I’m so thrilled to share Wondaland Records with the world. Each artist under Wondaland Records has unparalleled talent, incredible vision, and brings something unique to the music industry," Janelle states. “Together, we’re creating a new movement and space for the future of music and pop culture. I'm honored to be partnering with Epic Records and my friend LA Reid to present such extraordinary talent."

The Wondaland Records roster includes Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, Isis Valentino of St. Beauty, Nate Wonder and Chuck Lightning of Deep Cotton, among others. Wondaland's debut project will be a compilation showcasing the label's unique array of talent and is slated to be released in May.

Listen to Janelle Mona "Yoga" Feat. Jidenna

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