Surely, covering David Bowie's 1977 classic song 'Heroes' was no easy feat, considering how beloved the song is, but Janelle Monae has done the effort justice. But getting the cut to sound right was just her first challenge. Next, she'd have to find the perfect visuals to accompany the song without taking away its meaning or inspirational message. She's done just that.

The video highlights three different kids being bullied -- two boys and one girl. They all meet up at a party with other kids who've been bullied, and they decide to do something about it.

In one scene, the children are dressed in homemade superhero costumes, which drives home the concept of the song. From there, they approach the bullies in a local park and make them run off, which of course makes the young superheroes cheer in victory.

"Being your own hero, means being yourself" is the message displayed at the end of the clip.

Monae covered the song for Pepsi's 2014 "Now Is What You Make It" campaign, and according to the Internet responses so far, it's been very well-received. But can we expect anything less from an artist as talented as Monae? Of course not.