Depending on your grade school memories, singing the alphabet or criss-cross applesauce was either the best or worst part of your day. Now that we brought on the nostalgia, there's one thing we can all agree on: watching newly minted XXL Freshman Jack Harlow play a game of association with the ABCs is sure to cause some laughs.

In less than three minutes, the Louisville, Ky. native breezes through the alphabet's 26 letters, and it's hilarious. He kicks things off with a word that would make anyone laugh for no reason. "A, anus," he says with a smile. Early on, Jack takes a walk down memory lane and offers his favorite dinosaur. "D, dinosaur," the Down South rhymer adds. "My favorite dinosaur is a pterodactyl."

As the young MC continues through the alphabet, when H hits, he mentions his own last name and heritage. "Harlow, my last name has a very Caucasian history," Jack jokes. "It's filled with Caucasity. Pretty sure it's like English and Irish, couldn't be Whiter."

For W, the 2020 XXL Freshman opts for the word wise, but looks outward to show some respect to another intelligent artist. "Wisest person I know is Lil Keed," Jack says.

Rounding out the end of the segment, the "What's Poppin" rapper reveals the way in which he greets his friends. "Z, zaddy," he begins. "When I like run into one of my homeboys, I'm like, 'What's up, zaddy?'... One of my homeboys though. None of that, just like he's a zaddy."

Watch 2020 XXL Freshman Jack Harlow reveals his favorite dinosaur, the name he'd give to a pet rhino and more in his version of the ABCs.


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