Ja Rule was arrested for weapons possession in 2007. After also being convicted of failing to pay federal taxes, he served almost two years in prison. So what’s it like to be a famous face in that type of setting? Did he have a target on his back? Apparently not! Ja actually compared to experience to high school.

“It’s kind of like high school. You go in, you got you’re a crowd, you got your B crowd. You got your nerds. You got your jocks. It’s kind of the same way, and as soon as I walked into the joint, I was a part of the A crowd. Shoutout to everybody in Ray Brook, Midstate!”

He did what he could to help the time pass by, saying there was “really not much to do in prison but work out, read and watch TV.” He also worked in the wardens office, mopping floors and watering plants.

Ja said he never missed a Knicks game while in the joint. Apparently he watched the games with former New York State comptroller Alan Hevesi while locked up. Check out Complex for the full interview with Ja.