It seems as if J. Cole is embarking on a spiritual journey with second album 'Born Sinner.' The North Carolina rapper unveiled on his Dreamville blog the Jan. 28 release date for his sophomore project along with a teaser video.

In the clip, a well-dressed young man is sitting quietly in a pew when he gets up and walks up to the church alter. He then kneels and prays for a couple of minutes. Afterward, he walks back down the church aisle and stops in front of the camera. The boy picks up several signs consecutively, one reading, "Are We Sinners," followed by, "Aren't We All Saints," then "J. Cole," "Born Sinner," and finally, the release date, "1/28/13."

Jan. 28 is very significant to J. Cole because he will also celebrate his 28th birthday on that day. 'Born Sinner' is the follow-up to his impressive 2011 debut LP 'Cole World: The Sideline Story.' The critically-acclaimed album garnered a few chart-topping hits including 'Work Out' and 'Nobody's Perfect.' J. Cole also received a Best New Artist Grammy nomination for his hard work.

Although details of 'Born Sinner' remain scarce, Hollywood Cole was recently in the studio with Kendrick Lamar. The duo teamed up on the fiery track 'Jig Is Up (Dump'n).'

In the meantime, prepare yourself for a Cole Winter.