Rapper J. Cole just dropped a new single called 'Power Trip,' which features Grammy-winning artist Miguel. This is the duo's first collaboration since appearing together on their 2010 hit, 'All I Want Is You.'

Produced by Cole himself, the Roc Nation artist yearns about his "longest crush ever," one that keeps him up all night. "She's on a power trip, she got me where she want a n---- / Wifin' in the club, man my homies' gon' disown a n----," he raps.

Miguel sings the woeful chorus, which helps Hollywood Cole profess his love for a girl he can't have. "Would you believe me if I said I'm in love? / Baby, I want you to want me / Would you believe me if I said I'm in love? / Baby, I want ya," he croons.

The song is a little too soft for our ears, but it is Valentine's Day, so Cole is probably catering this tune to his female fans. We are not hating on it, though.

If you want to hear tougher material from J. Cole, check out his 'Yours Truly' EP. As for his second album, 'Born Sinner,' it's due in stores this spring.

Listen to J. Cole's 'Power Trip' Feat. Miguel