How many Kanye beats do a n—- gotta murder to prove my mind’s further?,” J. Cole asks on his new joint ‘The Cure,’ which samples the ‘Watch the Throne’ track ‘Lift Off.’

Referring to himself as “the new Nat King,” Cole puts down other rappers and boasts about his own skills over a gentle piano melody and a looped recording of Beyonce‘s vocals from the Kanye and Jay-Z song. Even Cole can’t believe he’s the first to sample the track. “Can’t believe n—-s ain’t rapped on this s—!” he says.

Cole raps, “If I ain’t the illest n—-, I’m his new vaccine / Really more like poison when his New Jack Swing / And my bed is like a deck of cards, two black queens / A n—- don’t like me, he just a f—ing hater / What you made last week, I just tipped the f—ing waiter / What that feel like? Tell me what that feel like? / N—- f— your Twitter, b—-es follow me in real life.

Cole’s 2011 debut ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story’ debuted at No. 1 and earned him a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. ‘The Cure’ is a good candidate to appear on his sophomore album, which is expected sometime soon. Cole could perform some of his new songs on his upcoming festival tour dates, which include Lollapalooza and Rock the Bells 2012.

Listen to J. Cole’s ‘The Cure’

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