It’s time for holiday romance! Maybe you’re a harried executive who’s lost sight of what really matters in life. Maybe you’re considering going back to the small town you were born and raised in, where you’ll reconnect with a humble veterinarian/wreath farmer/prince in disguise that you knew in high school and they’ll sweep you off your feet and remind you of what’s truly important in life.

But odds are pretty decent that you’re not actually a Hallmark protagonist. So, where’s the best place to move to in New York if you’re single? Spoiler: it’s not NYC; and it’s going to make you say, “Wait, what? Really?”

What Makes A Great Singles City?

A couple on a date

Experts say that if you’re single and looking for a new city to have fun and/or find love (if the latter doesn’t involve the former, perhaps reconsider your date?), you need to look for a city where opportunity meets your interests. If you go somewhere with the same things you like, your odds of finding someone who has the same interests goes way up.

To find the best US city for singles, WalletHub pulled extensive statistics from everywhere from the US Census Bureau to Yelp to Eventbrite. They narrowed down the criteria of a single-worthy city to three main areas:

  • Economics (cost of dining out/booze/movies/gym membership/etc. and median household income)
  • Fun and Recreation (restaurants/cafes/nightlife options per capita, weather, walkability)
  • Dating Opportunities (% of single population, singles gender balance, online & mobile dating popularity)

New York’s Top Three Cities For Dating

#3. New York City

The New York City skyline

New York placed 4th in the nation in Fun and Recreation, but came in dead last in Economics. NYC didn’t fare much better in Dating Opportunities and finished at 151 overall.

#2. Buffalo

Washington Street in Buffalo NY

The Nickle City is middle of the pack on Economics and Dating Opportunities, but did well in Fun and Recreation. Buffalo is the US’ 85th best city for singles.

#1. Rochester

Rochester, NY skyline at sunrise

Yep, New York’s best city for singles is Rochester. At 42 overall, Rochester cracked the top 30 for Dating Opportunities and landed in the top 50 for Fun and Recreation. Economically, they did finish in the bottom half so that’s where most of the points got docked. So, if you’re single in New York maybe it’s time to give Rochester a try!

Source: WalletHub

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