Do you believe in ghosts? One home in Troy says that nearly a dozen spirts still remain there, including that of a woman who was allegedly murdered in the home.

When it comes to the paranormal you either believe in it or you don't. However sometimes a paranormal researcher can get a piece of evidence that would turn even the most skeptical mind into at least a partial believer.

Unrefined, a paranormal show based partly in Albany, NY, was able to explore the haunted Enslin House in Troy, NY. Owner of the home, Michele Bell walked us through the home that has been in her family for six generations. It even has ties to well known gangster, Legs Diamond, who had frequent visits there.

Not just a family home, it was also a supper club for a time as well.

From what Michele told us, a lot of the people who had once called The Enslin House their home have decided not to leave for one reason or another.

After getting a walkthrough and listening to the history of the house is when we began our investigation. One area of the home we wanted to spend some significant time in was the basement.

BJ Ragone/TSM
BJ Ragone/TSM

The story about the basement

Allegedly what happened in the basement was that a woman named Shirley was found at the bottom of the stairs. The homeowners believed that Shirley, who was living in the home at the time, was pushed and as a result she died.

So who pushed Shirley is the question. Was it a person or could it have been a ghost?

Michele told us that several people have been pushed and shoved in the home, and not just in the basement. Perhaps the spirts here are a little bit rowdy.

We spent  decent amount of time in the basement trying to communicate with the spirit of Shirley.

The video below is some of the communication that we recieved.

When we asked if Shirley was with us we got the recorded female voice saying "You betcha."

At one point we had asked what her last name was and we got the name "Russel."

After asking who pushed Shirley we got the voice of the same woman and we believe that is says "steps."


Now, as paranormal researchers we've found that it takes an incredible amount of energy for a spirit or entity to communicate with us. Sometimes we can hear a few word strung together. In this case it was just one word at a time.

Pretty chilling, and pretty eerie! Over all it was a great moment we were able to capture with our digital recorder.

BJ Ragone/TSM
BJ Ragone/TSM

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