Two beaches in the Hudson Valley are closed "until further notice" after testing proved the water is "contaminated."

The calendar hasn't officially hit summer, but the Hudson Valley has enjoyed summer-like weather since before Memorial Day. I've already spent several days at my pool.

If you don't have access to a pool, many will head to the beach. Sadly, health officials were recently forced to close down two beaches in the Lower Hudson Valley.

Westchester County Closes Beaches

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The Westchester County Department of Health says its Beach Surveillance Program "protects the public from illnesses associated with swimming in contaminated bathing waters."

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The Beach Surveillance Program confirmed two beaches are "closed until further notice" because two separate samples, collected on May 28 and May 30 "exceeded the upper value of the density of bacteria."

Beaches Closed In New Rochelle, Mamaroneck

The following beaches are currently closed:


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"Based on studies by the Westchester County Department of Health, heavy rainfalls in the watershed of the Mamaroneck River greatly impact the quality of water in the Mamaroneck Harbor. Echo Bay in New Rochelle is similarly affected impacting Hudson Park Beach and Echo Bay Yacht Club," officials stated.

It's unclear when the beaches will open.

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"Heavy rains and discharges from storm water drains directly affect these waters. As a result, these waters may contain high levels of harmful bacteria that may cause illness after a heavy rain," the Westchester County Health Department states.

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