Yung Miami, Meek Mill, LeBron James and more are all currently not following Diddy on Instagram.

Celebrities With Ties to Diddy Like Yung Miami and Meek Mill Unfollow Puff on Instagram

In the days since the damning 2016 video footage of Diddy physically assaulting his former girlfriend Cassie spread across the internet like wildfire on Friday (May 17), a slew of celebrities with ties to the disgraced hip-hop mogul appear to have unfollowed him on Instagram. That list includes rappers like Yung Miami and Meek Mill as well as NBA player LeBron James. While it's difficult to determine whether or not they were ever following Puff to begin with, social media sleuths did some digging and discovered that, at least for the moment, the list of high-profile personalities below have no interest in viewing what Diddy chooses to post on the popular platform.

Perhaps the most notable figure not following Diddy on both Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter, is Yung Miami. The City Girls rhymer has been romantically involved with Diddy for the better part of the past two years. After she was accused of being Diddy's drug-transporting sex worker in a lawsuit filed by Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones back in March, Yung Miami adamantly disputed the claims. However, following the recently surfaced video of Puff assaulting Cassie, Caresha seems to have changed her tune.

Despite a longtime working relationship with Diddy throughout his career, fans have also noticed that Meek Mill is no longer following Puff on Instagram. Even though Meek was supportive of Diddy as recently as last month, tweeting that he "don't believe no Diddy story once they lied about me," perhaps the Philadelphia MC feels obliged to back off on said support now that the Cassie video has been made public.

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Why Are Celebrities Seemingly Distancing Themselves From Diddy?

The running list of celebrities choosing to unfollow Diddy on social media comes amid the litany of legal woes and disturbing accusations surrounding the Bad Boy Entertainment founder. Along with ongoing sexual misconduct lawsuits that have been filed by five different people over the past several months, CNN dropped a bombshell this past Friday. The national news outlet uncovered an extremely graphic video from 2016 that finds Diddy throwing Cassie to the floor inside a Los Angeles hotel before kicking her twice and dragging the singer by her shirt.

Diddy has since offered a public apology for the violent beating, noting that his "inexcusable" behavior was part of the "darkest times" in his life. The amount of notable figures currently distancing themselves from Diddy implies that many are not so quick to accept his apology.

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Check out the list below of the many celebrities who are not following Diddy on Instagram.

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