An Alabama woman is crediting Lil' Kim's signature dance move for how she was able to avoid being hit by bullets in a neighborhood shooting.

Woman Uses Lil' Kim Dance to Dodge Bullets

On April 26, local Alabama news station WTVY News 4 interviewed Shariah Taylor about a shooting that took place at the Westgate Village apartment complex in Dothan, Ala.

"We already heard a few gunshots but I didn't think nothing of it. Nobody didn't hear no screaming," she explains in the video below. "So, I get to the car. I hear [imitating five gunshots]. At least about seven rounds. So, I'm ducking, I'm dodging, I'm ducking, I'm dodging, I'm ducking. Doing Lil' Kim, trying to get my baby in the car. Then, I throw my baby in the back seat and we just sped off."

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Lil' Kim's Signature Dance Move

Lil' Kim's signature dance move is often imitated but never duplicated. The move features the rap veteran doing her own variation of the robot. The Brooklyn rapper often breaks out the move at her shows during her performance of the "Quiet Storm (Remix)," to the delight of the crowd.

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See the news report where an Alabama woman claims she did Lil' Kim's dance move to avoid being hit during a neighborhood shooting below.

Watch Shariah Taylor Describe Her Lil' Kim Moment During the Shooting

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