Soulja Boy says he wants Blueface out of jail so he can fight him.

Soulja Boy Wants Blueface Out of Jail to Fight Him

On Sunday (Jan. 14), a video surfaced on social media of Soulja Boy on Instagram Live talking about his arch nemesis Blueface. In the clip, the Atlanta rapper seemingly appears to be laughing at Blue's legal predicaments while he's in jail for violating his probation.

"[What] would you rather be doing? Sitting in jail broke or free with millions of dollars?" Soulja asked his viewers in the video, which can be viewed below.

The "Crank That" rhymer asked the question again but added, "Would you rather be rich with millions of dollars chillin' doing whatever you want to do or would you rather be in jail broke owing $14 million and getting sued?"

"C'mon, there's level to this s**t, he don't want no real smoke," Soulja concluded.

Soulja then responded to a fan who asked him if he's happy that Blueface is in jail.

"Hell nah, free that n***a, man. So we can beat his a*s," Big Draco responded in reference to their ongoing beef and threats of fighting each other in the streets. "I don't wish jail on my worst enemy."

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Blueface is in Jail Amid Legal Trouble

What Soulja Boy is referencing in his Instagram Live is Blueface's ongoing legal troubles while he's locked up in jail for violating his probation.

In early January, Blue was ordered to pay $1 million in interest on a $13 million judgment to Euphoric Gentleman’s Club after losing a civil case against him in Las Vegas regarding a shooting that occurred outside of the venue on Oct. 8, 2022.

Blueface is also being sued by Jackilyn Martinez, the mother of Soulja Boy's 1-year-old son. Martinez is claiming in her defamation lawsuit that Blue defamed her by alleging that he had sex with her the day before her baby shower with Soulja. Martinez admits to having sex with Blueface one time in 2018 but claims his baby shower comments defamed her and her child.

Let's not also forget that NLE Choppa is eager to fight Blue in the boxing ring as well.

Blueface Insists He Can Beat Soulja Boy In a Verzuz Battle

See Soulja Boy say he doesn't want Blueface in jail because he wants to fight him below.

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