Quando Rondo was pissed after a YouTuber tried to prank him with a fake diamond tester.

On Sunday (Dec. 25), YouTuber DatBoyQ ran into Quando in the rapper's hometown of Savannah, Ga at the Oglethorpe Mall. Q, whose shtick is pulling pranks on rappers in public interviews, asks Quando to test his jewelry with a diamond tester. Quando obliges, and the fake diamond tester shows that the Georgia rapper's shines are fugazi. Quando gets growingly agitated as the results continue to come back negative.

"Man, lil' bruh, quit playing with me, man," Quando Rondo says.

As a result, Quando and his crew take the YouTuber and his posse to his jeweler, Crescent Jewelers.

"Where your diamond tester at? They trolling me with they little fake diamond tester. I don't know what they got going on," Quando Rondo tells his jeweler before getting serious. "I ain't gon' lie, I don't even know y'all boys. Y'all got that fake-ass diamond tester and shit. Lil' bruh, y'all playing, niggas gets murked like that. And get laughed at, 'Ah ha, he dead.'"

Quando Rondo's jeweler eventually retrieves a real diamond tester and proves that the Never Broke Again rapper's bling is valid.

This isn't the first time a Quando Rondo shopping trip has ended up going viral. Last year, he was confronted by a man who threatened to fight him while shopping. Last month, he reportedly got into a physical altercation at the mall that was caught on camera.

See Video of Quando Rondo Being Pranked and His Reaction at 9:05 Below

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