OJ Da Juiceman had a big run in the late aughts, but the Atlanta rapper ran into a stiff crowd one night in New York City while opening up for Wu-Tang Clan.

On Wednesday (Dec. 14), The 85 South Comedy Show shared a snippet of their new interview with OJ Da Juiceman where the Atlanta rapper recalled a time he got a less-than-warm reception in The Big Apple. According to OJ, this incident happened around 2009, shortly after his song with Swizz Beatz and Jadakiss, "Who's Real," came out.

"I went to New York and got booed," said OJ during a conversation about New York’s hip-hop scene. "But these folks... Nigga, this was around the time I got the song with Jadakiss. These folks booked be at a B.B. King’s, bro. I opened up for Wu-Tang Clan. You know what the crowd looked like? Do you know what the crowd looked like? It’s all backpackers."

He continued, "I get up there talkin' ’bout 'I’m boomin and bunkin.' Them folks looking like, 'boomin, bunkin? Boo!' Nigga, I’m out there mad, arguing with these folks while I’m rappin like, 'Bro, I’ll beat your ass, nigga. Fuck you, pussy-ass nigga. I’m mad as hell, boy. I ain’t never been booed, fool. I’m like, bro, why would they do that? Why would y’all put me on the Wu-Tang Clan [show] knowing I’m finna come out here talkin' ’bout, 'I’ll cop a chicken?'"

Cold world.

See Video of OJ Da Juiceman Recounting How He Got Booed While Performing in New York City Below

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