UPDATE (Jan. 6):

Later in the evening, NLE Choppa jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter to address fans who think he's scared to fight Blueface in a boxing match. In his posts, Choppa called Blue a "Crip Narcissist" who posted a fake flyer for an unconfirmed boxing match without negotiating a fight contract between them. He also claimed that it was Blueface's manager Wack 100 who called off the fight.

"A fake flyer get posted, I speak on it and I say the fight should be set up properly with enough time to train and I’m scared vs the mane posting fake flyers knowing imma say what I said to manipulate it as if I', running or ducking you. N***a a crip Narcissist [tears of joy emoji]," Choppa wrote.

"Then he had [Wack 100] call my momma to call off the fight [four tears of joy emojis] Ma deuce got it on video who really SCARED [nine tears of joy emojis]," he continued. "Ms. Potts [Choppa's momanger] post the video please he talm bout I got my mommy he had to get his DADDDDDY [eight tears of joy emojis]."


NLE Choppa insists Blueface posted a fake flyer for a boxing match and tried to rush him into the ring.

NLE Choppa Accuses Blueface of Posting a Fake Boxing Match Flyer

On Saturday (Jan. 6), NLE Choppa jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to address Blueface's claims that he got cold feet and backed out of a boxing match with him. In a three-minute video, the Memphis, Tenn.  rapper explained that he backed out of a proposed fight because Blue allegedly posted a fake flyer for a boxing match in an attempt to rush him into the ring.

"I asked you to fight. How the f**k did you get a flyer the next day with me and your face on it and I asked you to fight?" Choppa asked in the clip, which can be viewed below.

"So now you're on some clout-chasing s**t," he added. "We ain't negotiated nothing."

Choppa argues that posting a fraudulent flyer for a boxing match that has not been authorized by either party is simply bad business and false advertising. Choppa also accused Blueface of trying to rush him to fight in the ring, even though he doesn't have the same amount of boxing experience as Blueface.

"C'mon now. I'm not a scared n***a, but I ain't no dumb n***a," Choppa stated.

In the end, Choppa said that he wants to train first before he steps into the ring with Blueface. But before that even happens, Choppa added that both parties must come to the table and do business the right way and not manipulate stuff on the internet.

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Blueface Claims NLE Choppa Got Cold Feet and Backed Out of Boxing Match With Him

NLE Choppa's video comes after Blueface claimed in his video that Choppa had cold feet and backed out of a boxing match with him.

In an Instagram Live clip, which is posted below, the Los Angeles rhymer alleged that Choppa ducked out of a fight with him because the rapper's momanger, Angela Potts, felt it wasn't a good idea and they wanted to negotiate.

"N***a, it's time to squabble up," Blue said in the video. "You talking about a negotiation. N***a, what do you want, a Honda Civic?"

Blueface then questioned whether Choppa is really a Crip gang member. He contends that being Muslim, vegan and a gang member doesn't add up.

"What type of a n***a is Muslim, vegan and a crip," Blue said with a chuckle and shaking his head. "Who's gon' tell him?"

The ongoing feud between Blueface and Choppa began a month ago, after the mother of NLE Choppa's child alleged that Blueface had tried to flirt with her but she rejected his advances. However, Blue claimed otherwise on Jaidyn Alexis' "Barbie (Remix)" track.

"NLE baby mama wanna hit/Why you lying 'bout the number, b***h, you know I got the digits," Blue rapped on the song.

Let’s see if NLE Choppa and Blueface can sit down and discuss a boxing match between each other. The fans are clamoring for it.

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See NLE Choppa accuse Blueface of posting a fake flyer for a boxing match so he can rush a fight with him below.

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