Nicki Minaj isn't the only talented musician in her family apparently. The famous MC's little sister Ming Luanli has also started a rap career of her own.

Nicki Minaj's Sister Starts Rap Career

Nicki Minaj's sister Ming Luanli has been carving her own niche in the rap game, and recently made it official by releasing her new single "Thinking Bout U" featuring Iz LaMarr and Masika Kalysha on Feb. 9. This comes after she made her debut featuring on the Rakeem Love track "Do It Again" back in January. Both tracks can be heard below.

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Ming Speaks on Being Nicki Minaj's Sister

Ming recently spoke about being the sister of a rap icon and said she does not want to be known as Nicki Minaj's sister when it comes to her own music.

"We gon' clear this up, y'all," she says in the Instagram video below. "So, basically, as I'm going to start my music career further on, I will no longer be known as Nicki Minaj's little sister. I am known as Ming Luanli. And right now I'm going to do big things with myself without having to get secret help, any type of easy help. I'm going to work my way to the top."

Ming is obviously following in some very famous footsteps. Nicki Minaj is coming off the December of 2023 release of her Pink Friday 2 album and is getting ready to embark on her Pink Friday 2 World Tour, which kicks off on March 1 and goes through July 12.

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Check out some of Ming Luanli's music and see her talk about stepping out of Nicki Minaj's shadow below.

Listen to Ming Luan's "Thinking Bout You" Featuring Iz LaMarr and Masika Kalysha

Listen to Rakeem Love's "Do It Again" Featuring Ming Luanli

Watch Ming Luanli Speak on Her Career

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