Nicki Minaj is putting DJ Boof on notice after discovering him signing women's breasts while on her tour.

Nicki Minaj Threatens to Fire DJ Boof for Signing Women's Breasts

On Sunday (May 26), Nicki Minaj jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and delivered a stern warning to DJ Boof, her accompanying tour DJ. In her post, which can be viewed below, the New York rapper threatened to fire DJ Boof if he's caught signing women's breasts again while on the Pink Friday 2 World Tour.

Apparently, DJ Boof posted on his Instagram Story an image of himself joyfully autographing a woman's cleavage. He captioned the photo: "I'm really famous [cry laughing emoji] They asked me to sign their boobs."

While the photo looks innocent enough, Nicki caught wind of the post and issued a warning. "I promise I’ll fire him if I EVAHHHHH see this again. Df [Da f**k]," she wrote in her post on X.

Nicki Minaj has every right to warn her team members about their unprofessional behavior, particularly in light of her harrowing ordeal with the police in Amsterdam.

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Nicki Minaj Gets Arrested in Amsterdam, Claims Racial Profiling by Police

On Saturday night (May 25), Nicki Minaj had to postpone her Manchester, England concert following her drug arrest in Amsterdam. Earlier that day, the 41-year-old rap star filmed herself getting arrested by military police at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport after they found drugs her bag. She posted a clip of her arrest on her Instagram page, which can be viewed below.

In the clip, Nicki is being informed by police that she's under arrest and that she is being taken to the station. A frustrated Nicki demands that she speak to her attorney before eventually hopping in the police van. The video ends with the officer closing the police van door with Nicki still inside filming.

According to Nicki she spent six hours in jail. After her release, she tried to board a plane to Manchester, England for her concert, but her flight got delayed. Ultimately, she had no choice but to postpone her show.

Nicki also claimed her arrest was due to racial profiling by the airport police. The Queen Barbz also added that unnamed people were being paid big money to stop her from embarking on Pink Friday 2 World Tour.

"They're being paid big money to try to sabotage my tour b/c soooooo many ppl are mad that it’s this successful & they can’t eat off me. They got caught stealing money from my travel/jets. Got fired. Got mad. Etc," Nicki wrote in a post on X.

Meanwhile, the Netherland Police Department issued a statement on X explaining that Nicki was arrested on the alleged suspicion of exporting soft drugs. She consulted with the Public Prosecution Service and was released with a small fine of 350 euros ($378.45).

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Check out Nicki Minaj threatening to fire DJ Boof if he's caught signing women's breasts again below.

See Nicki Minaj's Post Threatening to Fire DJ Boof If He's Caught Signing Women's Breasts Again

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