Nicki Minaj is breaking down a few things she's learned about her Barbz fan base since joining social media.

Nicki Minaj Shares Six Things Social Media Has Taught Her About the Barbz

On Tuesday (Feb. 20), Nicki hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and listed out a few big things she learned about her fans since joining the platform in 2009.

"I be tryna tell y’all nobody is exempt. #ACGI ANYBODY CAN GET IT," she wrote. "It don’t matter WHO start it, the barbz ALWAYS finish it. I been doin this shit for a long time now & every-time I ever tried to warn ppl that the barbz are different, they had to learn the hard way."

She continued, "Things I’ve learned about the #Barbz since 2009 on this app: 1. They NEVER Forget. 2. They don’t care how long it take to get a OPP bakk. 3. They NEVER stop once they start. They’ll be in that ass #ForLife (moment 4 Life voice). 4. They beat everyone @ their OWN game while laughing & supporting Onika.

"5. They make a fun sport out of giving ppl a taste of their own medicine. So if you do something, they will patiently wait for their turn & chiiiiiiii. WooWEE 6. It’s never business with the barbz. Once they feel that line is crossed, it’s personal. Read #6 again. It wasn’t a typo. I’m not their fave, I’m their family. Know the difference & then…Play @ your own risk
#PinkFriday2 #GagCity WORLD TOUR begins in 10 days."

The Barbz eagerly agreed with Nicki's assessment of them, showering their Queen with praise in the comments.

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Nick Minaj Tells Fans Not Threaten Her Detractors Online

While Nicki clearly loves that her Barbz go hard for their Queen, the Pink Friday 2 rapper told her followers to chill out back in November of 2023. Nicki hopped on her Instagram Story and said they should stop threatening critics online.

"Dear Barbz," Nicki wrote. "Be sure to never threaten anyone on my behalf. Whether on the internet or in person. Whether in jest, or not. I don’t & never have condoned that. We have an amazing album right around the corner. 12/08/23. It feels so surreal & euphoric. Wishing you blessings on blessings."

It was unclear if Nicki was referring to a specific incident. However, back in August of that year, Nicki revealed the identity of the woman who allegedly made swatting calls on her Los Angeles home to her fans on social media.

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See Nicki Minaj's list of what social media has taught about her Barbz below.

See Nicki Minaj Share Six Things Social Media Has Taught Her About Barbz

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