N.O.R.E. is facing some backlash after asking if controversial social media personality Andrew Tate should be on his Drink Champs podcast.

On Friday (March 31), N.O.R.E. jumped on his Twitter account and posed a question regarding if Andrew Tate should be a guest on his popular Drink Champs pod. "Do we want Andrew Tate on drinkchamps?" he asked.

Of course, N.O.R.E's question provoked the ire of people who despise Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and self-proclaimed misogynist. The social media influencer has over over 5 million followers on Twitter.

Recently, Andrew, along with his brother Tristan, were recently moved to house arrest after they were being held in a Romanian jail on suspicion of rape and human trafficking.

"Nore asking if he should have Andrew Tate on the pod. N***a for what? Drink Champs was supposed to be a platform to celebrate Rap. Why the fuck would you have Andrew Tate on there?," tweeted one person.

"Nore out his damn mind tryna get ANDREW TATE on drink champs," wrote another fan.

A third person chimed in and typed: "No n****. There’s zero benefit for anyone. Don’t sabotage your platform. Use ya brain @Drinkchamps @djEFN."

Then, on Saturday (April 1), as a possible April Fool's Day joke, N.O.R.E. retweeted a video of Andrew and his brother Tristan being released from a Romanian jail and wrote, "Legends!!!"

Finally, N.O.R.E. responded that he wasn't serious about bringing Andrew Tate on his podcast.

"I was joking!!!" he tweeted.

Hopefully, N.O.R.E. now realizes that a lot of people don't like Andrew Tate.

See N.O.R.E's Initial Tweet and Fan Reactions to Possibly Having Andrew Tate on Drink Champs Below

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