Lola Brooke fell off stage during a recent show and bounced right back up and continued to perform.

Lola Brooke Falls Off Stage

On Sept. 9, XXL Freshman Lola Brooke performed at The Model Experience's 2023 Fashion Week Festival at The Armory Track in New York City. During her set, the pint-sized spitter had a mishap on stage. In video of the set, which can be seen below, Lola raps while walking to the front of the platform she is performing on. She apparently miscalculates her steps and walks directly off the stage, nearly disappearing into the sea of people. She bounces right back up and continues to perform without missing a beat.

"I almost bust my ass, word," she told the crowd after the song was over. "We still gon' do the things we like to do, right?"

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Lola Brooke Reacts to Fall on Social Media

Lola Brooke reacted to video of her fall on social media. In the comment section of an Instagram blog about the incident she wrote: "Thank God I'm little. I fell in slow motion." She also added a meme of the character Ezel from the 1995 film Friday giving his famous "My neck. My back" quip.

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See video of Lola Brooke's recent performance where she fell off stage and bounced right back up below.

Watch Lola Brooke Fall Off Stage and Get Right Back Up and Keep Performing

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