Lil Gotit is going after 6ix9ine after Tekashi disrespected the late Lil Keed.

Yesterday (Dec. 19), Lil Gotit posted an Instagram Story calling out the infamous rainbow-haired rapper after 6ix9ine had disrespected Keed while going after Gunna for allegedly snitching. Keed died at 24 in May of this year.

"Aye, keep that shit toward Gunna, bro," Gotit began in his video. "Don't put my brother name in shit, n***a. You trippin'. I don't give a fuck 'bout none of that; what y'all got goin' on. I'mma tell you, I ain't playin' on my brother. I don't care 'bout no security, I don't care about none of that."

He added in a follow-up post directed at Tekashi: "N****s gone respect my brada boy that's all I know I'm standing on that ion give af rat or not I'll beat yo ass my bout my brada foo."

As aforementioned, Gotit's posts came in response to 6ix9ine disrespecting Lil Keed in a post directed at Gunna. Tekashi's post was an Instagram Story that showed a post from Keed before his death. Keed's post was essentially a creed for YSL, which read, "YSL is a family. YSL is a label. YSL is a way of life. YSL is a lifestyle. YSL is not a gang. YSL is not a criminal organization. YSL is not a street gang. YSL is not a mob."

Tekashi captioned the Story: "Ya dead mans last post on IG. @gunna if he was alive he be disappointed to the Yes Mam."

The last portion refers to a video of Gunna in a courtroom taking his plea deal, in which he confirms to a judge that YSL is a gang and has executed crimes.

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