Kevin Gates continues to amaze people with his health and wellness tips. Recently, the Louisiana rapper revealed that during a fast, he didn't eat or drink for nearly a month.

During an interview with BigBoyTV, which premiered on YouTube on Thursday (Feb. 2), Kevin Gates went on a tangent about his fasting techniques. That's when he told Big Boy that he didn't eat or drink anything for three weeks while fasting.

"Fasting is when you don't put nothing in your body. Fasting is nothing," he explained at the 26-minute mark in the video below. "A dry fast is when you don't eat or drink."

Big Boy then asked Kevin what was his longest stretch of dry fasting.

"The longest I'd have [ever] did a dry fasting was like close to a month, about three weeks. No food, no water," he revealed, much to the shock of Big Boy and his whole radio team.

Kevin would later point out that he practiced fasting regularly so his body could easily adapt to not having food or water for long periods. The 36-year-old rhymer mentioned that being healthy is a spiritual journey as well.

For those who may not know, dry fasting is a technique that has been practiced by religious groups around the world for thousands of years. Fasting offers plenty of health benefits, including weight loss, improving your immune system and slowing down the aging process.

However, according to Healthline, dry fasting can be dangerous. By not allowing to drink water or eat food for a long period, you could possibly experience dehydration, kidney problems and other health complications. So consult with your doctors first before trying any type of fast.

Among Kevin Gates' other health and wellness practices include semen rentention.

Watch Kevin Gates Interview with BigBoy TV Below

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