Kendrick Lamar is reportedly gearing up to film an upcoming music video. Here's what to know about it.

Kendrick Lamar Hires Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for Security Video Shoot

According to a report published by TMZ on Friday (June 21), Kendrick Lamar will follow up Wednesday's epic The Pop Out - Ken & Friends concert in true West Coast fashion. Apparent law enforcement sources tell the celebrity news site that deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department have been hired to provide security for a music video Kendrick Lamar intends to film in Compton, Calif. this coming weekend.

TMZ also reports that K-Dot's team properly filed for all the necessary permits with Los Angeles County for permission to shoot the video and that Kendrick's production company, pgLang, is paying the sheriff's department approximately $120 per hour for the security detail.

XXL has reached out to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for confirmation.

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Former Head of Security for Death Row Records Hints at When and Where Kendrick Lamar Video Will Be Filmed

Earlier this week, in an interview with Bomb 1st, former Death Row Records head of security Reggie Wright Jr. subtly corroborated the news surrounding when and where Kendrick's upcoming video shoot will take place. Without providing any information that could potentially land him in hot water, Wright implies that K-Dot is set to film a project in Kenny's home city of Compton. If anyone is in the know, it would likely be Reggie Wright Jr., as he is not only tapped into California hip-hop culture but also has had ties to Compton police in the past.

"Shout out Kendrick Lamar," Wright says in the video below. "I heard you doing something big, big in Compton. For those that's big Kendrick fans in the L.A. County area, man, if I was y'all I would hang around Compton. They doing something major in Compton this Saturday. y'all might get to be a star. Especially, the young ladies that like to be in videos."

What Song Will Kendrick Lamar Feature in His Upcoming Music Video?

While any confirmation regarding which song Kendrick Lamar is choosing to shoot a new video for hasn't yet been made public, much of the hip-hop space believes Kenny's Drake diss, "Not Like Us," will be the subject. The theory certainly makes sense as the scathing, Mustard-produced banger is arguably the most popular rap song in the game at the moment.

The anti-Drizzy Compton anthem debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and currently stands strong within the chart's top 10. In addition to that, "Not Like Us" was performed a total of five times on Wednesday in front of a wildly raucous crowd to close out Kendrick's West Coast-unifying concert.

TMZ also reports that the deputies scheduled for security detail at the video shoot are fully aware of the contentious nature of the Drake diss track and are taking the matter seriously.

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In the video below, check out Reggie Wright Jr. slyly talking about Kendrick Lamar's upcoming video shoot in Compton.

Watch Reggie White Jr. Hint at the Upcoming Kendrick Lamar Video Shoot in Compton

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