No rapper, even a hip-hop great, is immune to the occasional dud. As great of a lyricist as Eminem is, he is no exception to the rule.

Slim Shady's illustrious 25-year rap career features 11 solo albums that have reached mind-blowing milestones. During that time, he delivered some of the creepiest and craziest lyrics of all time while releasing some of the biggest songs hip-hop has ever seen. But even the Detroit MC's god-level wordplay can't save him from shooting airballs every once and a while.

For non-fans, Eminem's shtick of embracing being public enemy No. 1 by constantly saying the most lewd, headline-grabbing things on record is an acquired taste. But even Eminem fans can admit when the D12 cofounder is doing too much or packing it in. And there have been several instances.

Even Eminem appeared to admit his disgust with the much-maligned track "We Made You" on the 2014 song "Guts Over Fear" featuring Sia, rapping, "There's no more emotion for me to pull from/Just a bunch of playful songs that I make for fun/So, to the break of dawn, here I go recycling the same old song/But I'd rather make 'Not Afraid 2' than make another muthaf**kikn 'We Made You' ah."

As Em hopes to wow fans with his upcoming album, The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce), which is set to drop soon, here are 13 of the worst contributions to his catalog below.

  • "We Made You"

  • "Big Weenie"

  • "A*s Like That"

  • "Fack"

  • "My First Single"

  • "Offended"

  • "Those Kinda Nights" featuring Ed Sheeran

  • "Heat"

  • "Nice Guy" featuring Jessie Reyez

  • "Foolish Pride"

  • "Wee Wee"

  • "Just Lose It"

  • "My Ballz" featuring D12