Throughout many of his rhymes, Eminem has made it abundantly clear that he absolutely adores his daughter, Hailie Jade. In the 28 years since he first made waves as a rising Detroit MC, Marshall Mathers has told Hailie's life story as seen through his own lyrical lens. There are hundreds of bars dedicated to his only biological offspring.

Right around the time she was born, Eminem used early tracks on his 1996 debut album, Infiniteto let Hailie Jade and the hip-hop world know he was determined to provide an ideal life for his daughter. On "Never 2 Far," a deep cut from the independently released LP, Em raps the notably humble line, "’Til I'm glad to be buried and leave this crazy world/And have at least a half a million for my baby girl." In a 1999 interview with Rolling Stonea then-fledgling Slim Shady explained how Hailie was always top-of-mind while recording his first studio project.

"It was right before my daughter was born." Em told the publication. "So, having a future for her was all I talked about."

Hailie Jade, 28, has remained the apple of Eminem's eye and a prominent subject of his music through the decades. In fact, some of the lauded lyricist's most successful songs are solely devoted to Hailie. 2004's "Mockingbird," a loving, self-produced homage to his daughter's mere existence, is certified five-times platinum. Another example is 2005's "When I'm Gone," which serves as an inspirational letter to Hailie Jade in the hypothetical event of her father's untimely demise. The emotional track reached as high as No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Even in lyrical warfare, as foes such as Ja Rule and Machine Gun Kelly attempted to use Eminem's admiration for his daughter against him, Slim not only defends Hailie in his pointed clap backs but has never shied away from using their ironclad daddy-daughter relationship against the opposition.

"We'd all much rather get along than fight you/Me and Hailie dance to your songs, we like you," Eminem sarcastically adds as he smacks Ja Rule on the 2002 diss track "Bump Heads."

Now, in 2024, Eminem is entering a new chapter of his iconic rap career with his new album, The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce). True to form, there are plenty of deep, tear-inducing rhymes about his beloved daughter that can make the most hard-bodied dad weep. Tracks like "Temporary" and "Somebody Save Me" point to the fact that Marshall is going through a major transition in his personal life as it pertains to the woman he's described through rhyme as "the only lady that I adore."

In May of 2024, Eminem gave away his daughter's hand in marriage to her longtime significant other and now-husband Evan McClintock. The modest ceremony found a dapper and doting Slim Shady slow-dancing with his daughter as white roses surrounded the two.

Here, XXL offers a complete look at the heartfelt song lyrics Eminem has dedicated to his daughter, Hailie Jade.

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