Doja Cat is ready and willing to do "weird" things and to also continue playing with people's stupidity after fans say that she's part of the Illuminati.

On Monday (Feb. 6), Doja Cat hit up her infamous Twitter account with a pointed message for anyone who thinks she's part of the mysterious secret society commonly referred to as the Illuminati. The "Woman" rapper-singer says she not only gets pleasure out of the unjustified Illuminati rumors but she's going to double down on her often outlandish antics in the public eye just to mess with the haters.

"This Illuminati shit is so funny to me," wrote Doja Cat to her 5.5 million followers on Monday in the tweet below. "I'm gonna keep doing deliberate weird ass shit to make those people uncomfortable. I've [for real] found a new outlet of joy."

In an immediate follow-up tweet, the Los Angeles-bred artist continued to blast her detractors by explaining that in her opinion, leaning into the foolish comments she's faced with on social media provides great benefit to her mental well-being.

Doja Cat added: "Playing with people's ignorance and stupidity for my own happiness and personal gain > [is greater than]."

Doja's declaration that she's ready to accentuate her unconventional actions in public follows a history of social media users being of the opinion, convinced even, that she is a member of the Illuminati.

"I think Doja Cat fucked up this year Grammys cuz she got cursed by Illuminati," wrote one Twitter user on Wednesday (Feb. 8).

"Has selling your soul to the Illuminati worked out for anyone better than it's worked out for Doja Cat?" tweeted another Twitter user last month. "Really happy she's getting the credit her talent deserves."

Another person tweeted: "Congrats, Doja Cat. You sucked all the Illuminati blood in hollyweird. Now you're front row at the Grammys, baby."

"Do you guys think Doja Car was taken by the Illuminati or do you think she just got addicted to coke?" accused a social media user.

"Doja Cat's bizarre couture red outfit stuck me and I felt like I was more than just how out of the ordinary it looked," another tweet reads. "Today it clicked. Adrenochrome. Blood. She's publicly stated she's Illuminati. She straight up looks like blood."

"Doja Cat gotta have a contract with the Illuminati or some shit with what she be doing," added another Twitter user.

Another piled on with: "Doja Cat, how's the Illuminati life treating you?"

This certainly isn't the first time the "I Like You (A Happier Song)" spitter has expressed a strong desire to clap back at any and all online ops. In fact, just last week she flat-out said that she absolutely loves going to war with internet trolls.

"A lot of people think I’m not good at handling trolls because I respond to them. But that’s the art of it: I love to go to fucking war with trolls," said Doja Cat in an in-depth interview with Variety on Feb. 1. "That’s just what I’ve grown up with; I’ve been on the internet for 1,000 fucking years and it’s just part of me: that I need to respond. People think, 'Oh, if you’re defending yourself, you’re weak.' But I always rest on 'Everyone can suck my dick from the back.' If somebody wants to fight me on the internet. I will gladly join in, balls to the wall. It’s fun for me. I’m a very messy bitch."

As far as the rumors that have been circulating regarding the belief that she may be part of the Illuminati, Doja Cat recently found a high-profile way to add fuel to the flame. Back in January, Doja made headlines across the globe when she was spotted wearing an otherworldly red ensemble complete with red makeup from head to toe and had her entire body covered in 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals.

After Doja Cat's first head-turning yet elegant fashion choice, she completely flipped the script the next time she popped up at Paris Fashion Week by sporting faux facial hair made up of eyelash extensions. The move was in an attempt to further clown the social media trolls who made fun of her for shaving her eyebrows.

Going a little further back to December of last year, some keyboard warriors inferred that Doja Cat's short-cropped haircut and the fact that she shaved her eyebrows were all a part of some sort of satanic humiliation ritual. In response, Doja didn't hesitate to clap back by denying any ritualistic activity and simply stating she feels "sexy as fuck."

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