Dame Dash is claiming that 300 Entertainment cofounder Lyor Cohen is profiting off Young Thug's music while he's in jail.

Dame Dash Claims 300 Founder Lyor Cohen Profited Off Young Thug's Music While the Rapper Has Been in Jail

On Saturday (March 2), Dame Dash sat down for an interview with Math Hoffa on the Dame’s America Nu Network, and was asked by Math whether he believes the music industry has a toxic affect on its artists. Dash agreed that it does, and went on to say record executives like Lyor Cohen, who founded 300 Entertainment but left the label in 2016, are to blame.

"It only exists because of toxic behavior," Dash said of the music industry at the 19:23 mark below. "They take advantage of the dysfunction of our culture. For me, if I see a kid that’s making music about s**t that’s gonna get him killed because he’s really doing it, I don’t think I’m putting they records out. I’m not gonna enable that child."

Dash continued, "When I look at Young Thug I’m like, 'Lyor and them just made a big check and he’s going to jail.' They made money off his music. So if they made money off that music and he’s in jail for that, then all that money they made off the music should not go to them. How do they get to get all that money and he has to get a jail cell? And they made money off the music that's putting him in jail."

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Young Thug Fighting for His Freedom in YSL Trial

Young Thug is currently on trial as part of the sprawling YSL RICO Case. Thugga faces multiple charges including violating Georgia's RICO Act. Prosecutors will attempt to prove that Thug and five others relied on Thug's YSL record label as a front in order to conduct violent gang activity. The state claims YSL has committed numerous violent crimes throughout Atlanta, including armed robbery, conspiring to murder, and participating in criminal street gang activity. The trial is expected to last months.

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Watch Dame Dash claim 300 Ent. founder Lyor Cohen profited off Young Thug's Music while the rapper has been in jail below.

Watch Dame Dash Claim 300 Cofounder Lyor Cohen Profited Off Young Thug's Music While He's in Jail

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