Chrisean Rock has agreed to give Blueface one more chance at a relationship, but says she'll castrate him if he steps out of line.

Chrisean Rock Threatens to Castrate Blueface If He Cheats

On Monday (Jan. 29), Chrisean Rock hopped on Instagram Live to speak about her currently incarcerated ex-boyfriend. Rock said when Blueface got home she'd be willing to give him another shot, but only on one condition.

"I already told him if that s**t ain’t only mine when you get home, I’m cutting it off and feeding it to his dog, Batman," she said in the video below. "And then I’m dippin' and I’m never looking back. Yeah, one more last chance with me and I got one more last chance with him, so that's that. Everybody else that keep poppin' in and poppin' in with all that negativity take it somewhere else."

Blueface turned himself in for a probation violation in connection to a 2021 assault case on Jan. 12. He was sentenced to serve almost seven months in jail and is expected to be released on July 2, 2024.

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Chrisean Rock Gets Blueface Tattoo on Her Face

Rock's proclamation comes after she got Blueface's old mugshot tatted on her face on Sunday (Jan. 28). In a video shared on her Instagram, Rock showcased the process of getting Blue's November of 2022 mug shot on the whole left side of her face. Chrisean captioned the video: "#freeblueface free my Daddy I love you papa."

This isn't the first time Chrisean Rock has gotten a Blueface tribute inked onto her skin. The former reality star apparently has seven tattoos of Blue on her body. Last December, Chrisean concealed a Blueface tattoo on her neck with a rose and her newborn son's name, Chrisean Jesus Malone, Jr., on her chest.

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Watch Chrisean Rock talk about giving Blueface another chance below.

Watch Chrisean Rock Talk About Blueface on Instagram

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