Boosie BadAzz is once again asking his former signee Yung Bleu to pay him what he's owed.

Boosie BadAzz Pleads With Yung Bleu to End Their Beef

On Friday (April 26), Boosie BadAzz hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to plead with his former signee Yung Bleu to pay him what he's owed. Bleu released his latest album Jeremy via EMPIRE on Friday, and Boosie claimed the label was intentionally perpetuating their beef to make more money. Bleu and Boosie have been embroiled in a contract dispute for a year now.

"Can you holla at @empire n yall get together n pay me my money n get this over with," Boosie wrote. "They want us to keep having to go to court my n***a. They putting u deeper n the whole by paying for your attorney fees. Why they don't wanna pay your tab n get this negativity off you? This is why!!"

He continued, "Because they make more money with us beefing my n***a. U go be 5 MS n the whole with lawyer fees (now they own you) when they could of paid me n got this over with a long time ago (chess my G). N the cold part they was right at the table when this theft took place. It's chess bro. Make the artist cutthroat the boss then put the artist n debt n become his boss smh. Becuase you n everyone involved know I'm owed a bag for forging my name on a contract I knew nothing about. Everybody has admitted to it. You even said you would pay me but you ain't have at the time of my lawsuit."

Boosie's comment comes after Bleu addressed his ongoing contract dispute with Boosie in an interview with Sway's Universe on Thursday (April 25).

"I thought there was like a way we could fix it," Bleu said in the video below. "But now it's just like, nah. I feel like it's over, that era for me over. I put it behind me. Trying to get the world to hate me, makin' 'em feel like I'm some snake type of dude that did something behind your back. Man, bro, you just made a wrong business move, bro. And we know that you know that."

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Boosie BadAzz and Yung Bleu Continue to Feud Over Contract Dispute

Boosie and Yung Bleu have been embroiled in a contract dispute for over a year now. Boosie has long claimed that Bleu owes him money for putting him on, and says his name was allegedly forged on a signing contract with Empire that Bleu signed without his permission. Boosie has also publicly accused Empire Records CEO Ghazi Shami of being a "snake" for allegedly signing Bleu to a deal without his knowledge. Bleu has continued to push back against these accusations.

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See the video of Yung Bleu speaking on his situation with Boosie BadAzz and check out Boosie's response below.

Watch Yung Bleu Speak About Boosie BadAzz

See Boosie BadAzz Plead With Yung Bleu to Pay Him What He's Owed

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