Blueface has taken his beef with Soulja Boy to the next level. A video has surfaced of Blue stomping and standing on a Soulja Boy album plaque while performing at a club.

Blueface Stomps on Soulja Boy's Album Plaque During His Performance

On Saturday (Jan. 6), a video surfaced featuring Blueface stomping and standing on a Soulja Boy album plaque. In the clip, which can be viewed below, Blue is performing his song "Hello" on stage while holding an album plaque of Soulja's 2007 debut project

The Los Angeles rapper places the plaque on the ground and begins stomping and dancing on it as the crowd cheers him on. It's unclear how Blue was able to obtain a Soulja Boy album plaque, but the "Crank That" rapper is surely not going to be happy about the video.

Of course, Blue and Soulja have been at odds with each other for a couple of months now, and it appears that their feud will continue into 2024.

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How Did Blueface and Soulja Boy's Beef Get Started?

Blueface and Soulja Boy started beefing with each other in December of 2023 after Blueface boasted on the Deep Thoughts podcast that he could beat Soulja in a Verzuz battle.

"I can outperform anybody hit for hit," Blue boasted on the show.

Soulja caught wind of Blue's remarks and blasted him on Instagram Live.

"You gon' perform bust down 'Thotiana' five times in a row? Cut it out n***a," he said.

Their beef escalated on X, formerly known as Twitter, when they started dragging their baby's mothers into it.

Blueface taunted Soulja by alleging he had sex with Jackilyn Martinez, the mother of Soulja's 1-year-old son, the day before her baby shower with the Atlanta rhymer. Martinez has since slapped Blue with a defamation lawsuit denying the rapper's accusations.

Soulja countered by promising to sleep with both of Blue's baby's mothers, Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis.

Their beef is about to get real messy.

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Watch Blueface stomp and stand on Soulja Boy's album plaque below.

Watch Blueface Stomp and Dance on Soulja Boy's Album Plaque

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