6ix9ine being rushed into jail in the Dominican Republic following his recent arrest was quite a chaotic scene.

6ix9ine Rushed Into a Dominican Republic Jail in Wild Video Footage

On Monday (Oct. 16), a video began to make its rounds across the internet showing 6ix9ine being taken to jail by authorities in the Dominican Republic. The footage follows reports that the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper was arrested on the Caribbean island for assault on Oct. 13.

In the clip below, a handcuffed Tekashi can be seen in police custody being transported from a vehicle into a building in a scene that can only be described as utter chaos. As the authorities remove 6ix9ine from the police truck, what appears to be a swarm of screaming fans rambunctiously surround the area along with new crews as many others hold up cameras from a small distance.

As the police struggle to get 6ix9ine past the gates and into the building, multiple people are seen rushing through the gates in attempts to gather photos and video clips. At one point, one civilian grabs onto the rapper and stumbles to the ground before being escorted away by authorities. Once inside, 6ix9ine is swiftly whisked into a small room, presumably for processing.

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Why Was 6ix9ine Reportedly Arrested in the Dominican Republic?

According to Dominican Republic news outlet, Diario Libre, 6ix9ine was arrested on Friday for his alleged involvement in a physical assault on two local record producers. While the reason for the altercation is currently unclear, the publication explains that Tekashi was taken into custody while he was trying to leave the country on a private plane following the alleged altercation, which reportedly left one person with a broken jaw.

Witness and Alleged Victim Accuse 6ix9ine and Others of Assault

After video footage surfaced of 6ix9ine and others entering and exiting the building in which the assault allegedly took place, an apparent witness spoke out about the incident. According to Dominican recording artist and producer Diamond La Mafia, he and 6ix9ine's girlfriend, Yailin la Mas Viral, were recording a song when Tekashi and his crew entered the studio and that's when things got physical.

"He grabbed both of my producers, I had just left the studio, Yailin had just left," Diamond La Mafia explains via Google Translate in the Instagram Live video below. "I was making her believe I was in Miami and, suddenly, he showed up at the studio in La Vega and disrupted my producers, through no fault of their own, without knowing them."

One of the alleged victims, who also intends to sue 6ix9ine, further explains: "I was coming down and they were asking where Yailin is and I told them that she had left and they said to open the studio for them and I opened it for them and... at once they entered us. They hit me more than I even know about."

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In the video clips below, watch 6ix9ine being rushed into jail as well as the accusations from the alleged assault victims.

Watch the Chaotic Scene of 6ix9ine Being Rushed Into Jail in the Dominican Republic

Watch Video Before the Alleged Assault and See Producer Diamond La Mafia Calling Out 6ix9ine

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